Improved haemorrhoid treatment with Hemor*Rite Cryotherapy


Haemorrhoids are swollen veins located around the anus or in the lower rectum. About 50% of adults experienced the symptoms of haemorrhoids by the age of 50 in the US and 4.4% of people worldwide have them. There are various options for the treatments of haemorrhoids, ranging from home remedies, dietary changes and medical procedures, including surgery. Hemor*Rite Cryotherapy is a new alternative method for the treatment of haemorrhoids, which can significantly improve a patient’s outlook based on study data.

To assess Hemor*Rite’s efficiency in the treatment of haemorrhoids and associated symptoms, Palliance surveyed a total of 200 participants with different conditions. The results of this survey were fully verified in a Swedish Consumer Health Panel survey in 2016. The total findings of the survey are presented in this White Paper and can be downloaded here.


Hemor*Rite Cryotherapy

Hemor*Rite Cryotherapy is a reliable, alternative non-surgical treatment for symptomatic grades I and II internal haemorrhoids. The medical device has an anatomical design, which works well for both internal and external haemorrhoids. The application of low treatment temperature minimizes collateral tissue damage and guarantees a zero complication rate. Hemor*Rite has been proven to immediately decrease symptoms of pain, discomfort and itching as well as the likelihood of moderate to severe bleeding.

Hemor*Rite Cryotherapy can be used by patients without any medical knowledge or experience. It provides rapid relief from the discomfort and pain of haemorrhoids and associated symptoms, resulting in a > 98% success rate and with a 0% complication rate.

According to the results of a study published in The Journal of Pain Research, Hemor*Rite Cryotherapy is tolerated well by sufferers from stage 1 and stage 2 haemorrhoids. It performs better in pain, discomfort and bleeding relief compared to over-the-counter ointments. Results from the study point to Hemor*Rite Cryotherapy being a fast, well tolerated, and complication-free haemorrhoidal treatment.


Objective of the Study

The objectives of the Swedish study were to:

  1. Verify and assess the capacity of Hemor*Rite to offer relief for haemorrhoid symptoms
  2. Evaluate the average days of treatment and uses per day
  3. Assess the reception and general reaction of users to the treatment


Method of the Study

We surveyed a total of 200 participants out of 389 applications who had a variety of issues, including internal haemorrhoids, external haemorrhoids, a combination of the two and anal fissures. The survey was sponsored by Palliance and its full version can be ordered on our site.

The results from the study were formulated on the basis of 121 survey responses received and analysed from people aged between 21 and 78.

Progress, response, and reception of participants were assessed by tracking such things as:

  • How long they took Hemor*Rite
  • How frequently they were taking Hemor*Rite
  • What symptoms showed immediate improvement
  • What accompanying conditions were positively influenced by Hemor*Rite

The participants suffered from different conditions or a combination in the following ratio:

  • 42.5% of all participants in the study suffered from both external and internal haemorrhoids
  • 33% suffered from external haemorrhoids only
  • 13% suffered from internal haemorrhoids only
  • 11.5% suffered from anal fissures

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Hemor*Rite helps pharmacies increase their margins

The sale and distribution of OTC treatments play an increasing importance in pharmacy profits. As a non-prescription treatment, Hemor*Rite is popular with patients and does not contain active ingredients, which means that it appeals to all the patient groups.

Being medically approved and CE certified, Hemor*Rite is an efficient and trusted device, recommended by 85% of the participants in the study, which translates in word-of-mouth publicity for the pharmacy.

Figures demonstrate an increasing annual turnover through word of mouth and no active advertising. Over 30. 000 units have been sold in Sweden and Norway alone to date with minimal product returns.


More information

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